Monthly Favorites : January 2013

Hola chicas! How was your January? Mine was ok, it was really cold at some point here in Athens and I was sick as well, but that didn’t stop me from taking care of my skin, putting makeup on and having fun! I know I’m extremely late, but let’s take a look at my January favorites, because I love reading and doing monthly favorites! If I've swatched/reviewed/written a First Impressions on any of the products, I will link the relevant post to each product.


 ·        Coconut Oil : I love using it as a hair mask before washing my hair, it’s really nourishing and it leaves my hair soft and shiny. You need to try it, it’s a natural and affordable product. I got mine from iherb for $10 and this jar will last me for ever!

·        Kerastase Cristalliste Conditioner : This combined with coconut oil makes my hair super soft and shiny, perfect combination. It also smells really nice!

·        Pantene Pro-V 2 Minute Intensive Hair Mask for Fine Hair : I liked this hair mask a lot, it’s quick, it works without weighing my hair down (I have fine hair) and it smells lovely, a bit different than the usual Pantene scent and the scent actually lasts!

·        Korres Japanese Rose Showergel : This shower gel smells lovely, it’s floral, but not in the old lady way. It’s sensual!

·        Apivita Face Scrub with Olive : I also tried the one with the apricot last month and I still love this one with the olive, it leaves my skin super soft and the cooling sensation while you use it is amazing.

·        Apivita Natural Serum Hydration with Aloe & Hyaluronic Acid AND La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Serum: My skin is oily and dehydrated at the same time, so I need moisture, but in a lightweight form and serums are perfect for this. These 2 are really nice, I use the Apivita one at night after washing my face and especially after exfoliation and the La Roche Posay one under my makeup and they work great for me that way.

·        Cumaea Hand Cream : I’ve been using this hand cream on my legs and I have to say that it hydrates the skin really well and it smells amazing, it kind of reminds me of some candies that I used to eat when I was a child. Another plus of this product is that it is natural and it doesn’t contain any bad ingredients.

·        Garnier Repair Lip Balm : My lips aren’t particularly dry, but sometimes I just need a lip balm you know, especially underneath matte lipsticks, and this one is perfect for that, as it’s not greasy, which would make the lipstick feather and not last that long.

·        Demak Up Duo Cotton Pads : I use these along with some micellar lotion to remove the last bits of makeup from my face and I love the fact that one side is normal and the other side is textured, which makes them great for exfoliation. Love them!


·        Kryolan Ultra Fluid Foundation in EL.O : I’ve been using this foundation a lot lately (since January and I’m still using it), I apply it with my Cosmopolitan sponge (the beauty blender dupe) and it looks really natural. It provides light to medium coverage, depending on how much you will apply, so for any blemishes, redness etc. I use a concealer too.

·        Kryolan TV Paint Stick in FS 46 : This is a foundation stick and you can definitely use it as a foundation, but I use it as a concealer. It covers really well without looking cakey, just make sure to blend it well as it is with most concealers, and it lasts a long time. You can also mix it in with your foundation to make it a bit thicker and to have more coverage, but I haven’t tried that yet, as I don’t feel like I need a lot of coverage all over the face. I will try it though and I will let you know. This product is multi-purpose and I like it!

·        Elf Studio Cream Blush in Seductress : As I wore dark lips a lot during January I needed a bit more color on my cheeks in order to avoid the dead look and this was my blush of choice, really pretty color and if you’ve been following my blog for a while then you know that I’m obsessed with this line of blushes by Elf!

·        Louma Powder Blush in Lovely : On days when I didn’t wear dark lips I chose this blush to give my cheeks a beautiful rosy coral color, perfect for natural makeup looks!

·        Scott Barnes Loose Powder in Translucent : This powder is white and it looks scary in the jar, but I used it quite a lot in January to set my makeup and it worked great. It’s really lightweight and it doesn’t look cakey. I have no idea if it leaves a white cast in flash photography, like Make Up For Ever HD Powder, but I will try it and I will get back to you.

·        Essence Breaking Dawn Part 2 Shimmer Powder in 01 Bella’s Secret : I’m not a highlighter person, as I have oily skin and most highlighters make me look like a discoball after a couple of hours. This one though is really nice and subtle with a beautiful golden sheen, no glitter or intense shimmer. I know it was limited edition, but I got one for you along with a few other items from the collection, so keep your eyes peeled if you want it. I know I promised you a giveaway a while ago, but I haven’t found the time to organize it properly. I will soon though!

·        Garnier Anti-Dark Circles Roll-On in Fair : This little thing works wonders for me! I don’t have bad under eye circles, so this product covers them and brightens the area as well, there’s no need for me to use a corrector or a brightener. Love it!

·        Seventeen Matte Lipstick in Nr. 12 : I won this lipstick in the Beauty Bloggers Tea Party in Athens for Breast Cancer Awareness back in December and I’m obsessed with it! It’s a matte dark purple and although I’m not a fan of either matte or dark lipsticks, I love this one, because it suits my skintone and it doesn’t dry out my lips or look dry/fake on them. Plus it was a great opportunity for me to experiment with dark lipsticks. I want to try more colors from this line!

·        Sleek Oh So Special Eyeshadow Palette : This palette is so pretty and versatile, you can do so many different looks with it ranging from super natural to super glam and smokey. The eyeshadows are pigmented and beautiful and the palette is so affordable. What more could you possibly want? I wish I had bought it earlier!

These were my favorites for the month of January! Do we have any in common? Would you like to try some of these products? Let me know in the comments below. Also you can leave any suggestions on products that I might like based on what you see here! ;)


  1. I love stick foundations and I'm looking for a new one, would you say that that the Kryolan would work?

    1. Hi Annabella! Yes of course it would work, I just don't use it as a foundation, because I don't need a lot of coverage :) x

  2. kalispera!!!!!!!se parakolou8w kairo twra...apofasisa prin liges meres na dimiourgisw to diko mou blog!!
    elpizw na sou aresei kai na kaneis subscribe!! ;)
    p.s...coconut oil xrhsimopoiw ki egw gia ta mallia mou!!exw parei apo feelunique ths Fushi!

    1. Σ'ευχαριστώ πολύ Βίκυ, θα σε κάνω και εγώ follow σε λίγο με τον άλλο μου λογαριασμό, γιατί αυτός γέμισε και δε με αφήνει να ακολουθήσω άλλα blogs! Καλή αρχή! Δεν είναι φανταστικό το λάδι καρύδας για τα μαλλιά;;; Το λατρεύω!!

      Αν θέλεις πρόσθεσε το blog σου εδώ :

  3. pou vriskeis tin kruolan stavroula?internetika?tis seventeen to exw ki egw!latreia ;)

    1. Στο κατάστημά τους στην Αθήνα τα βρίσκω, στείλτους ένα μήνυμα ή καλύτερα πάρτους ένα τηλέφωνο να ρωτήσεις που μπορείς να τα βρεις εκτός Αθηνών :)

      Της seventeen το κραγιόν είναι όντως λατρεία! x

  4. Λατρεύω τα matte lipstick της Seventeen!!! Είναι φανταστικά...

    1. Πλέον και εγώ και θέλω κι άλλα! Χεχεχε! :) x