Review : Bioten Skin Moisture Cleansing Wipes


Hi my beautiful friends! Today I’m gonna review something that I recently used up and it’s a relatively new product from Bioten called Cleansing Wipes for normal/combination skin with Quince Nectar and Vitamin E from their Skin Moisture line. Before I start the review let me tell you a few things about my skin, because they’re important when reviewing a skincare product. My skin is generally combo-oily with some dry and sensitive patches and this product didn’t clog my pores or irritate my dry patches or my skin in general, which is always a plus.

Let’s start the review with the packaging as always! These cleansing wipes come in the standard wipes case (great description, huh? lol) that holds 20 wipes. I like the feel and the light green color of the packaging! I also like the fact that when you pull out one wipe, you get only wipe out and not 2 or 3. I mean... how frustrating is that when it happens? lol Here’s what the packaging looks like :

The wipes are white like most wipes and they’re quite textured on one side (they have little bumps), which makes them great for a light exfoliation. They have a lovely quince scent that I personally enjoy, but it’s quite strong, so if you don’t like heavily scented products you might want to avoid this particular one. I quite like these wipes, because they remove makeup pretty well, they don’t irritate my skin and they’re moisturizing like they claim. You propably know that most makeup wipes leave the skin tight and dehydrated, which I hate! I also like the fact that they’re quite wet, nothing worse than dry makeup wipes. My only issue with them is that they burn my eyes. Even when I have my eyes closed and I place the wipe on them, it still burns quite a bit! So, I wouldn’t recommend using them on your eyes if you’re sensitive. Here’s how the wipes look like :

Now let’s talk about the price of this product. It retails for about 2.70Euros in Greece and you get 20 wipes that do what they say, smell lovely and are paraben free. So, no matter what your skin type is, if you don’t mind quite heavily scented products, then definitely give this product a try if you like makeup wipes and if you're looking for something new.

                                        + moisturizing                                 - heavily scented
                                        + lightly exfoliating                          - they burn my eyes
                                        + pleasant scent
                                        + affordable
                                        + sturdy packaging
                                        + quite wet                                        
                                        + paraben free
I quite like these wipes, because they’re moisturizing and textured, but I will not purchase them now that I’ve used them up simply because I now prefer other methods and tools for removing my makeup. Have you tried this product?  What are your favorite makeup wipes and why? :)

Disclaimer : This product was sent to me by Bioten Greece PR, but my opinions are honest as always. YOU come first!


  1. when the wipes burn my eyes is the worst thing for me, it happened lately with some Olay wipes I tried.
    When it comes to wipe I love so much my pom pons that I do not know what I will do when those I brought with me are finished. Most probably I will stop using wipes lol

  2. @smufnigicent I know, it's awful! I actually love baby wipes now instead of makeup wipes, they're much bigger, more wet and more gentle :) x

  3. I will love this but I am not a big fan of heavy scents, I use baby wipes and they are amazing on my skin!

  4. Έγραψες για τα αμαρτωλά μαντηλάκια ε; χεχεχ
    Εγώ δεν τα χρησιμοποιώ στα μάτια, ούτε αυτά ούτε άλλα. Στο πρόσωπο όμως κάνουν καλή δουλειά. Τα φιλιά μου!! :)

  5. Great review!
    I haven't tried this product.
    Once I used wipes to clean my face and I regretted!!! They irritated my skin and so I prefer like you other ways to remove make-up.

  6. @Adeola I love baby wipes as well ;)

    @Marie έτσι, έτσι! Χαχαχαχα! Ναι στο πρόσωπο κάνουν καλή δουλειά :) Φιλιά!

    @Demy thank you! :) Try baby wipes, since makeup wipes irritate your skin! x