QOTQ 55 : Which makeup look for NYE?


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Hey my festive people! How’s your Sunday so far? It's been really rainy in Athens today, in fact last night we got a ton of rain for long periods of time, I couldn't believe it! How's the weather where you live? Anyway, enough with the weather lol! You’re almost getting ready for New Year’s Eve, aren’t you? I’m not gonna do anything special on NYE (I’m gonna go out on New Year’s), just stay at home with my family, but I intend to do my makeup, my hair (maybe lol) and to put some pretty clothes on, because I don’t want the new year to find me looking like crap! My mom says that whatever you do on NYE you’re gonna do it all year long, so all I wanna do is look fabulous LOL! I know that a lot of women will do the classic nude eye, black winged eyeliner and stunning red lips, but I haven’t decided what I’m gonna do yet. I will either do a smokey eye with neutral lips or the nude eye, black winged eyeliner look with berry/purple lips just to be different haha!

So, which makeup look are you gonna do for NYE and what are your plans? Please let me know in the comments below and you can also post a link to a picture of your look or of your inspiration!


  1. The weather is Malta is quite sunny actually...chilly, but still sunny :) I will be working on NYE and we are having a small party between us then I will go out with my family on New Year's Day. I will be posting a make-up look later today if you want to check it out :) Happy New Year to you and your family xxx

  2. My latest fav look is dark lips-natural eyes but maybe I'll give my NYE makeup some time and do a smokey eyes look. Happy NYE luv!

  3. probably the classic one, red lips using mac's ruby woo and simple eyes, maybe with a bit of eyeliner :) xxx

  4. Just a simple makeup with some bb cream, powder, mascara and lipstick since I wont go anywhere after the dinner.