Review : Bioten Cellufight Exfoliating Shower Cream


Hey my darlings! Today I’m gonna review a body scrub that I’ve been loving since August and that’s the Cellufight Exfoliating Shower Cream by Bioten! Bioten is a Greek brand, but I think that you can find it in some other European countries as well. I’ve had this body scrub since April or May, but I didn’t use it ‘til I was on vacation in August and it did a great job, especially for my feet.

Let’s start the review with the packaging as always. This body scrub comes in a gorgeous hot pink plastic squeezy tube that holds 200ml of product. I love the fact that it comes in a squeezy tube, because I used to have a body scrub that came in a jar and it was an absolute mess and hard to open. Another positive thing about it is that you can see how much product you have left, since it’s a bit see-through. Here’s what the bottle looks like : 

The actual product is white, a bit thick and with quite a lot of olive kernel pieces that do most of the exfoliation. The scent is kinda sweet, but it also reminds me of pink pepper. It contains Guarana and Vitamin E, which both are great for the skin, since Guarana activates the metabolism and drains the toxins from your skin and Vitamin E protects the skin, helping it maintain its balance. I don’t know if this body scrub helps with cellulite as it promises, because I’ve mostly been using it on my feet, but I can guarantee you that it removes all the nasty dead skin cells and it leaves the skin nice and soft. During the summer our feet can get dry and flaky due to the fact that we wear sandals and flip flops all the time and so did mine, but after 3 days of using this product my feet were soft again like a baby’s bum lol ! I love that the olive kernel pieces in it are quite big (so they exfoliate well) yet not abrasive, because I’ve had some body scrubs in the past that did nothing for me, since their exfoliating beads were too small or too few. Another thing about it is that once it comes in contact with water it becomes nice and creamy and you can definitely take a shower with it. Here’s what the product looks like on dry skin :

Now let’s talk about the price of this exfoliating shower cream. It retails for about 7Euros in Greece and you get 200ml of good product that exfoliates really well, so I think that it’s pretty affordable for what it is. If you have dry and flaky skin on your body and you’re looking for a body scrub that’s not super mild then definitely give this product a try! You can find Bioten products at most supermarkets, Hondos Center and Galerie de Beaute.

                        + affordable                                         - contains parabens
                        + exfoliates really well
                        + doesn’t dry the skin out
                        + leaves the skin soft
                        + pleasant scent
                        + practical packaging
                        + doesn’t irritate the skin

I really like this body scrub and I will definitely buy it once it’s gone, because it exfoliates really well and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I’ve seen some drugstore body scrubs at Hondos Center that cost around 12Euros, which is insane!! Have you tried this product? What’s your favorite body scrub? :)

FTC : The product was sent to me by the company's PR, but no review or anything was requested. My opinions are honest as always, because YOU come first! I would never recommend to you something I didn't like :)


  1. aaooohhh... I will have to try!! Thanks for the review!! Love the blog!

  2. Hey. Have any of you heard of a series of anti-cellulite cosmetics brand Yves Rocher?

  3. glad to know we have the same opinion on the product! lovely review :) xx

  4. Bioten has lovely products but I find their scent a little too strong for my liking, because I suffer from migraines I prefer products with little or no scent to them. I wanted to try their massage oil for cellulite but am concerned that I will be unable to use it because of the smell. Have you tried it? is it any good? xxx