Random Tip of The Day 24.09.2012


Image source (pic edited by me) 

So, I came up with the idea of regularly posting random tips about makeup and beauty, just because I LOVE tips!! ;) And I love the fact that I can pass on the tips I've learned over the past years to you girls! :) If you already knew the tip I'm sharing or if you used the tip you learned from me, do let me know! ;)

When washing your hair don't rush, you need to give it some time! Gently massage your scalp for 2-3 minutes to remove any oil/dirt and to stimulate hair growth and then focus on the hair. Don't be afraid to massage your scalp, it won't make your hair become oily faster, as long as you're gentle. Try it! ;)


  1. εχεις δικιο! ασε που ετσι χαλαρωνεις κιολας λιγο αυτο που τα καημενα τα κακοποιουμε κ βγαζουμε ολα μας τα νευρα στο βουρτσισμα ειναι ο,τι χειροτερο!
    ** για το σχολιο σου ναι η αδερφη μου με αντικαθιστα που κ που χιχιι ελπιζω σε επομενη συναντηση να τα πουμε απο κοντα! φιλακιααα

  2. to proeteinoun kai oi dermatologoi auto gia anthropous me lipara mallia isxuei odws!

  3. that's a good tip!
    I always want to be fast when washing my hair, definatly trying to slow down :)

  4. I tend to give it a good 6 minutes...!Shampoo-massage-conditioner and a double rinse (cold and then luke-warm water) :)