QOTW 51 : Favorite body exfoliator?

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Hey my beautiful people! I hope you're having a great Sunday so far, preferably by the pool or at the beach, because it's pretty hot. I'd been having problems with my computer since last Sunday, so I couldn't post anything, but now I'm back! ;) So, in my latest Random tip of the day I mentioned that it's really important to regularly exfoliate our skin if we want to get a deep tan that will last. I'm currently testing Bioten's Cellufight Exfoliating Shower Cream and I actually like a lot, because it really exfoliates the skin! You know some exfoliators that are so gentle that end up doing nothing? I hate those lol! I want my exfoliator to really get any dead skin cells off. I also want to try a homemade one, I've used a homemade one for the face and I loved it!

So, which is your favorite body exfoliator? Have you ever used a homemade one? Please let me know in the comments below, because I'm still looking for my HG body exfoliator!