Review : Avene Clean-Ac moisturizer

Hi my beautiful friends! Today I’m gonna talk to you about one of 2 favorite moisturizers since October 2011 that I’ve been on an acne treatment, which is Avene Clean-Ac Hydrating, Soothing Adjunctive Care to Anti-Acne Treatments for blemish-prone sensitive skin (super long name, I know). Before I start the review let me tell you a few things about my skin, because they’re important when reviewing a skincare product. My skin is generally combo-oily with some dry and sensitive patches, but especially during the first 3-4 months of the acne treatment my skin had been extremely dry, flaky and sensitive and this product along with another moisturizer and olive oil really helped me make it through!

Let’s start the review with the packaging as always! This sunscreen comes in the typical white plastic tube of Avene that holds 40ml of product. The tube is pretty basic and simple, but I like it, white reminds me of purity! In the picture below you realize that at first glance you can’t see how much product you have left, but if you place the tube in front of any strong light you can. Here’s what it looks like : 

The actual product is also white and the texture is quite lightweight, so neither thick nor runny. It has the typical Avene scent, which I can’t describe, but it’s not an offensive one in my opinion. I quite like this moisturizer, because it’s not heavy, greasy or sticky at all and it absorbs into the skin pretty quickly, which is really important, as I mostly use it during the day when I have stuff to do and no time to wait for my moisturizer to sink into my skin. I want to mention that despite being lightweight, it still hydrates and soothes like it’s supposed to. Here’s a picture of how it looks like :

Now let’s talk about the price of this moisturizer. It retails for about 12-13Euros in Greece (it used to be 14Euros+ a few months ago) and you get 40ml of good quality product that does what it says and that will last you quite some time. Plus you can always search online pharmacies for better prices! So, if you’re on an acne treatment and your skin is irritated, dry and sensitive, then definitely give this Avene moisturizer a try!

                         J lightweight                                L can’t find anything wrong
       J not sticky
       J not greasy
       J no parabens
                    J soothing
                    J hydrating
I really like this moisturizer, because it does what it says and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg! Have you tried this product?  What’s your favorite one for skin that’s under an acne treatment? J