QOTW 49 : Favorite sunscreen formulation?

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Hey my loves! How's your Sunday so far? :) It’s hot in Athens and the summer just started! I guess we’re gonna have a pretty hot summer this year. Anyway, lately I've been wondering what your favorite sunscreen formulation is. As you know sunscreens nowadays are available in so many different versions : lotion, cream, spray, oil, paste. Each of these versions satisfies different needs of course and my personal favorite is oil (with high SPF, not the ones with SPF8 etc.), because it hydrates the skin and it makes it look shiny, which I find really sexy combined with suntan. I usually buy Carroten or Hawaiian Tropic, in fact the scent of Hawaiian Tropic products reminds me of summer! I also love spray sunscreens, because they’re so convenient, but they don’t last for many uses, so they turn out to be pretty expensive.

So, which sunscreen formulation do you prefer and why? Let me know in the comments below! If you prefer more than one, then feel free to mention as many as you like!