QOTW 48 : Where do you buy Essence from?

Hey my loves! How's your Sunday so far? :) Today I've been wondering where you can find Essence products in Greece and all around the world. In Athens, where I live, I find Essence at Hondos Center, which is something like Ulta in the sense that it carries both drugstore and high-end brands. Not all Hondos Center stores carry Essence though. I've found Essence at Chalandri, Ermou and Omonoia so far. I also know that you can find Essence products at Beautycom.gr , both online and at their stores, but I've never bought anything from them yet.

So, where do you find Essence? Let me know in the comments below! Please mention where you live as well, so that other people, who live near you, can benefit from the answers. :) Oh and don't forget to wish your mom Happy Mother's Day!!