Beauty on a Budget Product : Baby Wipes

This is a new feature on my blog! My blog is in general about drugstore makeup and bargains, but I thought I would post about some extra budget friendly products from time to time as well. I hope you'll like this idea! ;)

In this Beauty on a Budget let’s talk about wipes. Many of us use makeup wipes to remove our makeup, some of us use them on their own and some combined with other products. Have you ever thought of using baby wipes to remove your makeup though? They’re bigger and cheaper than makeup wipes and personally they don’t sting my eyes! If you want to try them, then make sure to get the unscented ones for sensitive skin and if you have acne-prone skin be careful, because baby wipes are quite moisturizing and they might break you out. After removing your makeup with them, splash your face with some water to remove any residue from the baby wipes.

But wait.. there are more uses for baby wipes. I use them to wipe anything clean, like my hands when I'm putting makeup on, my desk, the cases of my cosmetics, my keyboard, everything. They're great!

Have you ever used baby wipes to remove your makeup or to do anything of the above? Let me know in the comments below! J