Review : Ardell InvisiBands Lashes Demi Wispies Black

A while back Maggie from Kkcenterhk contacted me again and asked me if I wanted to review some of their products. I chose the famous Ardell Demi Wispies Lashes in black and also an amazing 120 eyeshadow palette from the brand ES . The review on the eyeshadow palette is coming up in the next few days, I have no light to take proper pictures of swatches, because the weather has been really bad lately in Athens.

We’ll start with the packaging as always. These eyelashes come in a nice clear plastic box that holds 1 pair of false eyelashes and of course there's a seperate tray that's shaped like a human eye for each eyelash. Like with most eyelashes there are simple instructions on how to use them on the back of the packaging. I like the fact that the box is clear and you can see the style of the eyelashes that’s in them. Here’s what it looks like :

 Nice and simple packaging. Now on to the lashes! They are pretty easy to put on and they look nice and quite natural, but they give you luscious lashes at the same time and they’re incredibly soft (made of 100% human hair). They need a little bit of trimming if your eyes are a bit small like mine, but if you have bigger eyes than me you won't need to trim these at all. The band is clear, but it’s thin, so it’s very easy to hide it with black eyeliner. Apart from thin, it's flexible too, so it easily adjusts to the shape of your eye and it won’t bother you like some eyelashes with thicker bands do. Wanna see some scary close up pics? No foundation, concealer or filled in eyebrows (so please be nice :) :

These lashes retail for $4.22 and you get a pair of quality lashes. I've used this pair twice so far and it’s holding up pretty well, so if you take care of the eyelashes they will last for a few uses. That makes them pretty affordable. They're definitely good value for money and I'm really happy to use them. Now I know why they’re so famous and why everybody loves them! Would I buy them? Definitely! I also want to try more styles from this brand!

       J affordable                                                               L nothing wrong with them
       J look quite natural
                   J 100% human hair
                   J super soft!!
                   J they feel comfortable on the eyes
                   J last for a few uses if you're careful
                   J the band is thin, easier to hide it
                   J nice, simple box
                   J fit the shape of your eye easily
                   J easy to put on
                   J almost don't need trimming

Thank you so much Maggie and Kkcenterhk for offering me the opportunity to try these famous lashes! :) Do you own these eyelashes? If not, would you try them? :)