QOTW 45 : How often do you exfoliate?

Hey girls! I hope you're having a relaxing Sunday so far! This week's question is about exfoliation. It's important to exfoliate all year round, but especially during the winter, because the low temperatures and the wind can make our skin look flakey. Not very attractive, huh? lol. I have oily skin with some dry patches around my mouth and at the base of my nose and I used to exfoliate once every 10 days or when I felt like my skin needed some exfoliation, but now that I'm on an acne treatment I don't exfoliate very often (maybe 1-2 times per month), because I don't want to disturb my skin. I'm currently using a gentle exfoliator by Avene that I want to use up, but once this one is gone I'm gonna go back to my favorite exfoliator for winter : olive oil, honey and sugar! ;)

So, how often do you exfoliate and what do you use to do that? Let me know in the comments below, I'm always searching for the next best thing lol! :)