Happy 2nd Birthday to my blog!!

Hello from a rainy Athens! Today is a special day for me and my blog, it's actually my blog's 2nd Birthday!! On February 7th 2010 I published my first post (lame post, I know lol), which was about my first Elf Studio Line Brushes ever that I had just washed and I was so excited about them that I decided to create a blog! 2 years later I'm really happy I'm still blogging :) 

I want to thank all of you for visiting, reading and supporting my blog, you seriously can't imagine what it means to me. Everytime I get a comment, a new follower, an e-mail I get so happy and excited! It's wonderful to know that I can help somebody with my posts and my tips. I also want to thank all the companies that have trusted me to do a review on their products, I still have a few reviews pending, but don't worry, I'll get them done.

Last, but definitely not least, I wanted to say this : Yes, I write all these posts because I enjoy doing it, if I didn't enjoy it I wouldn't do it, but most of all I write them for you! If it wasn't for you, this blog wouldn't exist :) So thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting this hobby of mine!

(P.S. : I have a little giveaway coming up for you in the next few days, we have to celebrate my blog's 2nd Birthday, right??)