QOTW 44 : 3 types of posts you enjoy the most?

Hey girls! I hope you're having a great weekend. The weather forecast said that we will have snow in Athens tomorrow and of course I'm eagerly waiting for it lol! Apart from the snow, today I was also thinking about my favorite types of posts to read on blogs and I narrowed them down to 3. I love reading about everybody's favorites (monthly favorites, drugstore favorites etc., you name it), because I'm nosey like that lol, plus that way I get plenty of ideas on which products to try next! I also enjoy organization ideas posts, for example how you store your makeup, nail polish, clothes etc., because I love having my stuff organized, since it looks neat and it also saves me time from searching for things. Last, but not least, I love reviews (with swatches of course) and especially including comparisons, because it's so annoying when you buy a product, come home and realize that you already have something similar in your collection, right?

So, which are your favorite types of blog posts? Which are the ones you read first when you check your blogger dashboard, google reader, bloglovin' or whatever method you use to follow blogs?