Greek Beauty Bloggers 1st Meeting

I’m extremely late with this, but better late than never! On October 15th (I told you I’m late lol) Greek Beauty Bloggers met in person for the first time. The meeting took place at Flocafe at The Mall Athens in Marousi. I was so nervous, as I hadn’t met any of the girls in person before. Thank God everything turned out well and we actually had a great time.

So, first of all let me present to you the people that attended this meeting (in no particular order):
-          Christina
-          Natalie
-          Demi
-          Maria
-          Argyrw
-          Katerina (she’s not a blogger, but she represented Julia, who couldn’t make it)
-          Kerasia
-          Gina
-          Maria and Nandia (representing L’Oreal Greece)

I hope I didn’t forget anybody. Each of us got a lovely gift bag from L’Oreal containing wonderful products, I’ll do a separate post about it in the next few days. I didn’t think the girls from L’Oreal would come, let alone bring wonderful presents for us with them. Thank you girls and L’Oreal Greece! Flormar Greece wanted to attend the meeting as well, but couldn’t make it. Hopefully they’ll be able to make it next time, because we all want to meet them in person. Anyway, although they didn’t make it to the meeting, they still sent us a goodie bag at home after a few days, wow!!  I totally didn’t expect that! Thank you Flormar Greece! Katerina, who represented Julia from , brought some presents for us as well. It felt like early Christmas!

I bet you wanna see some pics, right? During the week, when the meeting took place, me and my parents were painting my bedroom, so I had no idea where my stuff was (cosmetics, clothes, flatiron etc.) and apart from that I barely had time to get ready, because we had to finish painting my closet. So, please excuse my appearance, I know I look like crap in the pictures lol. Most pictures were taken from the Greek Beauty Bloggers blog, unless otherwise stated. Anyway, here are some pics : 

me,  Natalie and Demi and our L'Oreal goodie bags
(looool I was about to laugh when the pic was taken)

Maria (L'Oreal), Katerina, MariaArgyrwChristinaKerasia Demi

Katerina, MariaArgyrw
(look at the precious facial expression of Maria,when she opens the L'Oreal lipstick! lol I love this pic)

me holding a Max Factor Eyeshadow, gift from Julia

Gina (picture taken from her blog)

Maria and Nandia from L'Oreal Greece

I had a great time and I was so glad to finally meet some lovely bloggers in person, after talking to them for such a long time online. It’s nice to meet the person behind the blog J I can’t wait for another Greek Beauty Bloggers meeting!!