Bye-bye 2011, welcome 2012!

Hahaha gotta love the picture, it's so funny!! Hey my beautiful ladies, Happy New Year! I wish you health, happiness, love and many beautiful makeup looks for the new year! ;) Take care of yourselves and don't get upset by little things, it's not worth it. Enjoy your life to the max!

I know it's such a cliche, but I really want to thank you for the love and support you've shown to me and my blog, especially from the past summer 'til now, you simply can't imagine how much it meant to me the fact that some of you sent me e-mails and messages asking about my friend, who was in the ER, and supporting me in general. I LOVE YOU, I really do!!

I hope 2012 will be an exciting year, I think we all need that! If you're in a difficult situation, please don't give up. Things will get better! :) It might take you some time, but it will get better, trust me. Oh and one last thing.. show your loved ones that you love them and tell them that you love them everyday! :)

Don't forget that you can contact me for anything that you want, whether you have questions, suggestions or if you simply want to say hi, it totally makes my day :) Until next time..