Bargain Alert : Several different brands in Vasilopoulos (Greek super-market)

Hey girls! Yesterday I went to the supermarket and as always I had to wander around the bath and hair products section hehe! I took my cellphone out and started making notes about the offers, so that I would share them with you in case you didn't know about them. Wanna know more? ;)

  • Kings & Queens Shower Gels BOGOF
  • Elvive Shampoos 1Euro off
  • Elvive Conditioners 0,75Euros off
  • Pantene Pro-V Shampoos 1,5Euro off
  • Timotei Shampoo for Normal Hair +300ml free product
  • Wella Shampoos & Conditioners +150ml free product
  • Garnier Naturals Shampoo with Argan Oil & Cranberry +250ml free product
  • Garnier Naturals Shampoo with Avocado Oil & Shea Butter +250ml free product
  • Palmolive Naturals Shower Gel Ακαταμάχητη Απαλότητα BOGOF
  • Papoutsanis Shower Gel Tabac BOGOF
  • Aslanis Shower Gels BOGOF
  • Noxzema Classic Roll-On Deodorant 50ml 25% off until January 18th
  • Neutro Roberts Natural Dry Extra Dry Roll-On Deodorant BOGOF
  • Wilkinson Razors Extra2 Beauty with Aloe Vera 5+5 for free
  • Gillette Razors Simply Venus2 4+4 for free
  • Bic Razors Pure3 Lady 4+2 for free
  • Bic Razors Soleil Bella 3+1 for free
  • Johnson's Daily Essentials Makeup Wipes for Normal/Combination Skin BOGOF
  • Pom Pon Eyes & Face Makeup Wipes for all skin types 1,5Euro off 

(BOGOF -> Buy One Get One Free) If you know about more offers feel free to leave a comment below! ;) Are you thinking about buying anything? I picked up a Kings & Queens shower gel, which was BOGOF, so I got 2 shower gels (300ml each) for 4,77Euros. Not bad at all, huh? ;) Also did you know that Kings & Queens products are made by Korres??