QOTW 41 : How many lip products in your handbag?

I know many women usually carry around tons of lip products either because they like variety or because they  leave lip products from previous days in their handbag, so they end up carrying around with them half of their lip products collection! I'm not a huge lip balm/lip gloss/lipstick fan, I mean yes I will apply my lipstick when I'm doing my makeup, but I almost never bother to re-apply when I'm out and about. Lately I've been carrying a lip balm with me, because for some strange reason my lips have become a little bit dry, and usually my lip balm of choice is Garnier Repair in the tube with the red cap. Pretty moisturizing and not greasy, which I hate.

So, if I could open your handbag now, how many lip products would I find in it? lol I'm really curious to read your answers!