First Impressions : Garnier BB Cream

I recently received the Garnier BB Cream in 2 shades, Light and Medium, and since my skin has been freaking out lately because of the acne treatment I'm on, I haven't been able to use the BB Cream enough to do a review, so I'll let you know about my First Impressions of it. 

If you have decent skin, all you need is this BB cream and a little bit of concealer and you're done! It leaves your skin with a natural finish, so it won't make you look like a discoball, but it won't mattify you either. With an SPF of 15 it also offers you some sun protection as well. So far I'm loving it! The only thing that could bother some people (it doesn't bother me) is the scent, like some other girls have already said it has the typical Garnier scent, so if you're sensitive to scents you might wanna give it a sniff before buying it. I think it's already available at Hondos Center in Greece! ;) Have you already used this BB Cream? What do you think of it?