QOTW 39 : Do you wear false eyelashes?

I used to be afraid of false eyelashes until a few months ago, I thought that they would look super fake on me and that I wouldn't know how to put them on, but I was wrong! It only takes a little bit of practice and patience, nothing more. Plus there are so many tutorials on youtube on how to put on false eyelashes that it's pretty hard to fail. So, I love wearing false eyelashes on special occasions and my favorite ones are the quite natural ones, I feel like the quite thick and long ones look super fake (unless you have pretty big eyes).

So, do you wear false eyelashes? If so, which ones are your favorites? You can even mention a specific brand and style if you want. If not, what holds you back from trying them? You don't know what you're missing!! In most cases false eyelashes complete the look and open up your eyes.