Review : Sigma Miss Taylor Retractable Kabuki Brush

Hi girls! A few months ago I received from Sigma the Miss Taylor Retractable Kabuki Brush as part of their affiliate program and I've been using it quite often to apply powder on my face on the go (touch-ups) .

This brush feels like it's good quality brush and has a nice weight to it. It comes in a beautiful purple case that’s short and quite wide, but not too wide, which is great, because you can easily hold it in your hand and use it. It feels sturdy and I assume the case is made of metal, but I can't be sure, since it says nothing about it on Sigma's website. Here's what it looks like :

The actual brush is quite big with a flat top and it picks up enough product, so you can cover a pretty large area each time. It's super soft and it doesn't shed! When I first got it and washed it no dye came out of the bristles and it lost no hairs! After the first wash it still hasn't bled or lost any hairs, which is really good, because I hate picking up hairs from my face! It's made of synthetic hairs, since on Sigma's website it’s under the “Vegan” category.

I use it mostly to re-apply powder on my face when my skin gets a bit oily and I’m on the go, but since it’s very similar to the F80 and it has synthetic bristles, you can also use it to apply your foundation. Here's a 
picture of Miss Taylor and the F80 next to each other (F80 on the left, Miss Taylor on the right) :

I've had this brush for a few months now and I've been using it pretty often and so far no problems. This brush retails for $25, which a pretty reasonable price, since kabuki brushes are usually very expensive. Plus you're getting a good quality brush that’s soft and doesn’t shed. You can find Sigma Brushes on their website, as well as on Cambree.

 J affordable                                                     L I can't find anything wrong with it

J soft                                                

J dense

J picks up enough product

J wide case, but not too wide

J synthetic bristles, good for any type of product

J feels sturdy

J doesn't shed

J doesn't bleed when you wash it

Have you tried this brush? What's your favorite retractable kabuki brush? ;)