Sad news....

Hi. You have propably noticed that I haven't posted anything for 2 weeks, which is crazy for me, since I usually post everyday or every other day. Well, the reason for that is that on July 7th my 2 best friends from highschool had a car accident, one of them died instantly (his nape broke) and the other one is in the ER with hematoma and edema in his head. I still can't believe what has happened, I'm in so much pain and I'm trying really hard to stay sane just for my friend, who's in the ER.

I'll try to come back soon, doing things to keep my mind busy is good to stop me from thinking too much, but for the time being I'm at the hospital every afternoon worrying about my friend. I will propably update this post with more info and pictures in the next few days.

Even if you don't believe in any religion, please send positive energy to my friend, he's only 26 years old, HE HAS TO LIVE and walk out the hospital the way he was! Thank you.