Beauty on a Budget Product : Loose powder

This is a new feature on my blog! My blog is in general about drugstore makeup and bargains, but I thought I would post about some extra budget friendly products from time to time as well. I hope you'll like this idea! ;)

In this Beauty on a Budget let’s talk about powders. Most of us use powder to set our makeup, right? Well, as you propably know there are 2 types of powders : pressed and loose. They’re basically the same thing, except for 2 things : loose powders are a bit messy, but you also get more product for your money when compared to pressed powders.

I’m not saying you should carry loose powder in your handbag for touch-ups, omg no!! lol That would be a total disaster! But you can definitely have a loose powder at home to set your makeup with and save quite a bit of money, as a loose powder will last you much longer than a pressed one. Which type of powder do you tend to use? ;)