Swatch Time : Wet 'n Wild ColorIcon Eye Shadow Single in Penny

Hey girls! A couple of days ago I mentioned on twitter that I've been addicted to Penny eyeshadow single from Wet 'n Wild lately and some of you wanted to see swatches, so here I am. Your wish is my command! lol. This post is dedicated to the lovely Penny for obvious reasons (aka same name as the eyeshadow). Here are the pictures :

I'm not giving you the finger lol

You can see a bit of the pink undertones around the golden sheen

Gorgeous golden sheen, huh?

The swatch was made on bare skin with no primer/foundation/moisturizer underneath as always. The color is true to life and it shows up on your eyes the way it shows in the pictures. When you wipe it off you get some pretty intense pink undertones, which I find extremely beautiful. What do you think of it? Do you own this or something similar? ;) It kind of reminds me of NARS Orgasm Blush and Sleek Rose Gold Blush!