QOTW 32 : Worst thing that has happened to you during makeup application?

Sometimes when we apply makeup something goes wrong and ruins everything and I'm not talking about a small mascara smudge on your browbone, no no no! I'm talking about something worse here. The worst thing that has happened to me while I was applying my makeup was that I sneezed right after I had applied my mascara (Rimmel Sexy Curves Waterproof), which happens to have a pretty wet formula, so of course it hadn't dried by the time I sneezed. OMG the horror after this... black, smudged mascara all over the place, but mostly on my under eye area. My boyfriend was next to me when this happened and he started laughing hahahaha!! So, I quickly took a cotton pad and some micellar lotion from La Roche Posay and started cleaning up, because the mascara was waterproof, so I didn't have much time lol! This mascara doesn't dry very fast, but once it dries it simply doesn't move.

So, what's the worst thing that has happened to you while applying makeup?? I'm hoping I'm not the only one with weird/funny stories lol!