Review : Miss Sandy Rosewater

Some of you were really interested in knowing more about rosewater, since I’ve mentioned it so many times, so here you go! ;) I’m gonna review the one I have, which is by a brand called Miss Sandy, but I’m pretty sure rosewater by other brands is equally good.

Let’s start with the packaging as always! This rosewater comes in a simple blue plastic bottle that holds 500ml of product, so it’s gonna last you a long time. The bottle is kinda boring, there’s nothing fancy about it, but I like the fact that I can see how much product I have left. Here’s what it looks like: 

The actual product is a clear liquid (like water) that smells like roses obviously lol. The scent is quite nice and although I’m not a fan of floral scents, this one doesn’t bother me. I use rosewater in several different ways :

·         as toner, especially after removing my makeup, to soothe my skin
·         to remove any oiliness when I don’t want to wash my face *
·         to moisturize the dry and irritated patches on my face
·         to refresh my skin (I put it in a spritz bottle and spray it on)
·         to remove minimal makeup (like concealer and powder) 

*to avoid any nasty comments/thoughts, I have very oily skin with some dry patches and when I don’t wear primer, foundation etc. I get oily multiple times within the day. Since I have those dry patches though I can’t wash my face more than once per day, otherwise those patches get extra dry, red and flaky. So, rosewater is a great way to remove oil while moisturizing my dry patches.

I bought this rosewater for around 3-4Euros (no more than that) from Veropoulos (Greek super-market) and you get 500ml of product, which will last you a long time, so this makes it really affordable. I’ve had it for months, using it almost daily and I’ve only used up about ¼ of it. Try it out no matter what your skintype is, I’m sure you'll enjoy it. And in the worst case that it doesn’t work for you, which I doubt, you can use it in the kitchen to bake some biscuits or something lol! ;) Oh and don’t make the mistake of buying rosewater from the pharmacy, most of them sell only bottled rosewater, which you can find at super-markets a lot cheaper.

J affordable                                                                 L can’t find anything wrong
J doesn’t irritate the skin
J leaves the skin soft
J reduces redness
J great to remove minimal makeup
J feels refreshing
J multi-purpose

I’m obsessed with rosewater, it has become one of my favorite items! Have you tried it and if so in which ways do you use it? If you’ve never tried it, are you thinking about getting some? ;)