Bargain Alert : Several different brands in Veropoulos (Greek super-market)

A few days ago I went to the supermarket and, although I'm still on a spending ban, I couldn't help but wander around the bath and hair products section hehe! I restrained myself though, I didn't buy anything and God there were so many nice offers. I took my cellphone out and started making notes about the offers, so that I would share them with you in case you didn't know about them. Wanna know more? ;)

  • Johnson's makeup wipes BOGOF
  • Johnson's shower gels BOGOF
  • Dove Luscious Velvet shower cream BOGOF
  • Carefree pantyliners BOGOF
  • Badedas shower gels BOGOF
  • Wilkinson Quatro razors BOGOF
  • Everyday pantyliners + free 20 pcs
  • Bic razors several different offers
  • Garnier 30% off
  • Timotei shampoos + free 300ml bottle
  • Johnson's shampoos + free 300ml bottle
  • Pantene + free conditioner (200ml) in some versions
  • Gliss + free shampoo or conditioner
  • Nivea several different offers to celebrate their 100 years (I was in the supermarket yesterday as well and saw that they have some offers, but didn't have time to go closer and check them out)

(BOGOF -> Buy One Get One Free) If you know about more offers feel free to leave a comment below! ;) Are you thinking about buying anything? Unfortunately I still have a lot of bath and hair products to use up, so no purchases for me. It's so hard lol !