QOTW 27 : What's your favorite way of applying foundation?

I personally love foundation and use it quite often, unless I'm a serious hurry lol, in that case I just apply some concealer on any problematic areas and I'm out of the door. I love applying my foundation with a flat top brush (Sigma F80, Elf Powder Brush, Zoeva Buffer Brush), since this type of brush gives me full coverage, plus these 3 brushes I mentioned do NOT shed. Don't you just hate having to remove little black hairs while you're applying your foundation? I also like stippling brushes, like the Sigma SS187 (don't know what the new number is). Sponges and regular foundation brushes are not my thing, I might use a sponge once in a while to blend my foundation around my hairline, around my nose etc. , but I'm not a fan. And the only time I use a regular foundation brush is when I want to apply my Sleek Creme to Powder Foundation, as it's quite thick and I can't pick it up and apply it with a flat top brush or a stippling brush.

So, what's your favorite way of applying foundation? Or what's the one you usually go for? Let me know! ;)