Monthly Favorites : March 2011 (shoes & bags)

No, I'm not changing the main subject of my blog lol, but I do love shoes, bags, jewellery, clothes and accessories as well as I do makeup. Who doesn't actually? So, I wanted to post some favorite shoes and bags that I wore a lot during March. Wanna see? :)

UGG-like boots from Fullah Sugah by Skondras : These are so comfortable and warm, I simply love them! Plus you can't beat their price : 10Euros for each pair during their winter sales with 70% off ( 10Euros = around $14.50)

Mini handbag from Fullah Sugah by Skondras : Ain't cute?? It's small, but you can fit a lot in it! ;)

Brown suede handbag with faux fur from Azade : I got this one from Hondos Center 2-3 years ago and I've been loving it a lot in the month of March. It's super soft and cozy and the color is lovely (reddish brown) .

Brown-grey flats from VEKELIDIS store in Marousi : You propably remember those, I posted about them a few months ago. They look so nice and I love the little metallic buckle, it makes the shoe look more dressed up, without being over the top.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! :) Is there anything non-makeup/beauty related that you enjoyed wearing during the month of March? ;)