First Impressions : Apivita Lip Care with Pomegranate

I got Apivita Lip Care with Pomegranate free with this month's Cosmopolitan and of course I tried it right away. As you propably know I'm not a huge lip balm fan, because most of them are really and I find that disgusting. Now this one is moisturizing without being greasy, but keep in mind that I don't have super dry, chapped lips. The lipbalm smells nice and it leaves a very discreet reddish tint on your lips, which I like a lot. It contains 98% natural ingredients and it's paraben, silicone and mineral oil free. 

Have you tried this? What do you think of it? I really want to try the one with Cocoa Butter and SPF20 as well, which will be great for summer, so I might get a second issue of the magazine lol! By the way Apivita is a Greek brand with products containing a lot of natural ingredients just like Korres in case you didn't know it :)