Bargain Alert : Greek Cosmopolitan April Issue (Apivita)

Yes, I have another bargain alert for you!! A few days ago I went to to look for Marie Claire, because I wanted the Body Butter that came with it and after looking around at the magazines stand I discovered another magazine offering something nice. It's Cosmopolitan's April issue and it comes with an Apivita lip balm in 3 different versions : with pomegranate, with cocoa butter and SPF20 and with propolis. I asked my best (male) friend which one to get, because I couldn't decide and he told me to get the pomegranate one, so that's what I went for. And I don't regret it at all, it's lovely! :) I had never tried any of their lipbalms before.

The magazine costs 2,90Euros and the retail price for the lipbalm is around 4,10Euros, so I think it's a good bargain. With 2,90Euros you get the magazine and a good lipbalm. How nice! I hope that Greek magazines will continue to offer nice things like that. What about you? Are you thinking of buying the magazine?