Review : Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

Who doesn't love a good face mask? They improve your skin and they're a great way to pamper yourself and to feel relaxed, perfect for beauty days with your girlfriends! ;)

Let’s start with the packaging as always! This face mask comes in a simple white plastic squeeze tube that normally holds 178g of product, but mine has 33% more, so it's 226g. ;) The only thing I don't like about the packaging is that I can't see how much product I have left. Here’s what the tube looks like:

The actual product is a quite thick paste (like toothpaste) that has a scary green color. I won't lie to you, once this mask is on your face you'll look like Hulk LOL! It has a nice, minty scent that I like, since it's so refreshing. It dries up any pimples and cleans the pores, but it doesn't shrink them like it claims to do. However it improves the overall appearance of the skin and it doesn't dry it out. You can use it on your entire face or on pimples only. The only thing I don't like about this face mask is the fact that it feels quite uncomfortable as it dries, but nothing crazy. Here's what the product looks like :

I bought this face mask off Ebay for around 8Euros and you get 178g of product, which will last you a long time, so the mask is affordable. Plus it really works, so you can't beat that! Try it out no matter what your skintype is, you'll enjoy it.

 affordable                                     as it dries out it feels weird                                                                   
 nice, minty scent                                               

 dries up any pimples

 cleans the pores

 improves your skin's appearance


 doesn't dry out the skin 

I really like this face mask! Have you tried it? What do you think of it? ;)