Review : Oriflame Silk & Cashmere In-Shower Moisturizer

This product is a lazy/busy girl's best friend and I love it ! lol

So, let’s start with the packaging! This in-shower moisturizer comes in a cute pink bottle that's made of plastic and that holds 150ml of product! There's nothing special about it, I just love the fact that it's pink! It's great for travelling, since it's pretty small, so that's cool. Here’s what it looks like:

The actual product is a quite thick, white paste that originally smells kinda funky and I don't know why, since I own other products from the Silk & Cashmere line and they smell great. Thank God the scent isn't too intense and it fades away after you rinse the product off. This in-shower moisturizer contains silk proteins and cashmere extract, so it's pretty moisturizing, but not greasy. Now how do you use it? After washing your body, you apply this product either all over your body or on any dry parts, you leave it on for 2 minutes and then you rinse it off and you're left with soft, moisturized skin. It's such a cool product, because it works while you're washing your face for example and once you're out of the shower you don't have to apply body lotion, unless you have really dry skin. But even then you'll need to apply less body lotion.

I got the Oriflame Silk & Cashmere In-Shower Moisturizer for about 3Euros and you get 150ml of product, so it's pretty affordable, since you don't need a lot each time! Unfortunately this was limited edition, but I've noticed it has been included in Oriflame's catalogue quite many times after its first release, so you'll propably be able to find it. Try it out if you're lazy or if you're really busy, it really works!

 quite affordable                                                the original scent is kinda funky                                                                  

 you don't need a lot of product each time

 small packaging, great for travelling

 no funky scent once you rinse it off

 the scent isn't too intense

      not greasy

Have you tried this or any similar product? ;)