Review : Oriflame Pink Grapefruit & Ginkgo Body Scrub

I love this body scrub, it has become one of my favorites lately and I think it's gonna be in my March favorites! Wanna know why? ;)

So, let’s start with the packaging! This body scrub comes in a simple plastic bottle that holds 150ml of product! Nothing special about it. The packaging is quite small, so it's great for travelling and no leaking either, so it's luggage-safe. Here’s what it looks like:

The actual product is a quite thick, coral colored gel with medium sized exfoliating beads that smells really nice and fresh! It contains toning pink grapefruit and ginkgo. It exfoliates really nicely and it doesn't irritate my skin. Since it's not a harsh product you can use it pretty often.I love the fact that it lathers up too, so when I'm in a hurry or when there's not enough hot water to use a shower gel and an exfoliator I use this and it works great, it leaves my skin clean and soft! Since it's a 2-in-1 product you can save space when travelling, so that's another bonus. The nice, fresh scent lingers for quite a while, but it's not intense, so hopefully it won't give you any headache. This body scrub does smell like grapefruit and I love it, it's so refreshing to use, especially during the summer.

 I got Oriflame Pink Grapefruit & Ginkgo Body Scrub along with the other 2 products from the same line (shower gel and body cream) for 9Euros, so it was quite a bargain! Unfortunately this line is/was limited edition, but I've noticed it has been included in Oriflame's catalogue quite many times after its first release, so you'll propably be able to find it. Try it out if you like body scrubs with a light, fresh scent that exfoliate nicely and lather up too, so they're a 2-in-1 product!

 quite affordable                                                can't find anything wrong with it                                                                   
 nice, fresh scent                                               

 doesn't dry the skin out

 small packaging, great for travelling

 scent lingers for quite some time

 the scent isn't too intense

       doesn't irritate the skin

 exfoliates pretty nicely

 lathers up, so it cleans the skin too


Have you tried it? What's your favorite body scrub? Summer is getting closer and closer ;)