Review : Johnson's Baby Top-to-Toe Shampoo & Shower Gel

I got this shampoo & shower gel from Johnson's a few months ago, for 2 reasons. My skin was reacting to anything fragranced, so I needed something gentle and I got this, because apart from being gentle, it also came with a free pack of baby wipes. Who doesn't love freebies? ;)

So, let’s start with the packaging! This shampoo & shower gel comes in a simple clear plastic bottle that holds 500ml of product. I love the fact that it comes with a pump, it's so convinient, because when taking a shower regular bottles can be a pain in the butt to open, I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. The pump is also great, because you can control how much product you get, so no waste of product! ;) It's cool that the bottle is clear and you can see exactly how much you have left. Here’s what it looks like:

The actual product is a quite runny, clear gel that has a faint baby scent. You know, the scent babies have lol! . It's not the most moisturizing shower gel in the world, but it's not drying either. If you have dry skin you'll need to use a body lotion/cream afterwards. The nice, baby scent doesn't linger, so it won't give you any headache and you can use a body lotion or perfume afterwards, without worrying about scents mixing and having unpleasant results. The great thing about this product is that it doesn't irritate my skin, since it's designed for newborns, and it can be used on the hair and on the body. It's paraben free and it lathers up pretty nicely.

 This shower gel retails for around 3.50-4.00Euros and you get 500ml of product in a bottle with a pump, so the price is reasonable. Try it out if your skin is acting up and you need something gentle!

 affordable                                                  can't find anything wrong with it                                                                   
 nice, light scent                                               

 doesn't dry the skin out

 comes with a pump

 the scent doesn't linger

 clear bottle

 paraben free

 lathers up nicely

I will definitely repurchase it, I've been really pleased with this product. Have you tried it? What do you think of it? ;)