Beauty on a Budget Product : Nozxema Roll-On Deodorant

This is a new feature on my blog! My blog is in general about drugstore makeup and bargains, but I thought I would post about some extra budget friendly products from time to time as well. I hope you'll like this idea! ;)

So, we'll start this new feature with Nozxema Memories Roll-On Deodorant in the 75ml bottle. I've had this bottle since July 2010 and been using it liberally everyday. Believe it or not this deodorant lasted me 8 months!! Talk about budget friendly product! ;) This picture was taken at the end of August of 2010 :

I've found that roll-on deodorants last much longer than spray ones, as spray deodorants only last me 3 weeks. Plus roll-on ones are much more gentle with my skin, sprays tend to make my skin burn, especially after shaving. Ouch lol ! Which type of deodorant do you prefer? ;)