TAG : 7 things about me!

I got tagged by Ria about 2 months ago (lol), but they say it's better late than never, right? ;)

*7 things I have to do before I die:
-  Have fun, give love and receive love. Life is too short :)
-  Visit NYC and travel as much as I can in general
-  Have my own family :)
-  Have a nice, big house with a walk in closet like Carrie's
-  Get a job that I will enjoy
-  Visit a volcano (man, I love volcanoes)
-  Have really nice, pimple-free and not oily skin

*7 things I say all the time:
-  Woohooooo!!!!
-  Are you kidding me?
-  Gimme 10 more minutes, I'm not done with my makeup (to my bf lol)
-  Are you crazy?!
-  Meowwwww (when answering my phone and my best friend is the one calling, she has a crazy cat lol)
-  lol
-  yeah right!!

*7 things I am good at:
-  multitasking
-  communicating/talking
-  searching online for various things
-  shopping/online shopping
-  being a friend
-  baking cakes
-  reading

*7 flaws :
-  clutz (not as bad as Ria though)
-  hot tempered
-  stubborn
-  indecisive
-  sometimes I don't give a damn (which isn't always a bad thing)
-  I get nervous quite easily
-  I'm almost always running late :/
(hey, my zodiac sign is Gemini, so most of my flaws aren't my fault! :P)

*7 qualities :
-  good listener
-  honest (whether you like it or not)
-  perfectionist
-  helpful
-  giving
-  hard working
-  good instinct

I tag everybody that wants to do it. I love reading tags! ;)

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