Review : Revlon Cream Blush in Rosy Glow

This has become my favorite blush in the last few months and I've been using it religiously. You may have noticed that it has been included in quite many monthly favorites already! I have no idea why I haven't reviewed it all this time.

We’ll start with the packaging as always. This blush was limited edition, so the packaging is a bit different than the regular one. The regular one is black with clear top, this one is white with clear top, which has pink designs on. It's made of plastic, it's quite sturdy and it also comes with a small mirror that's at the bottom of the compact. I like the packaging, it looks cute. The only bad thing is that it takes more space than it should, but honestly that doesn't bother me. Here’s what it looks like :

Cute huh? :) The actual product is nice and creamy, it blends easily and it lasts pretty long on my oily cheeks, but you can definitely use a matching powder blush or some translucent powder on top of it to make it last even longer! I've used it on its own and I had no problems at all ! I use the Small Duo Fibre Brush from Sigma to apply it and blend it on my cheeks, because it easy and quick and you don't get your fingers dirty that way, but you can definitely use your fingers too if that's what you prefer! Just make sure to have clean hands if you apply any cream products with your fingers, because you don’t want any dirt on your face or in your makeup!

The color Rosy Glow is so pretty, it’s a gorgeous pinky color that you can pair with almost every look, since it looks like a natural flash on the cheeks, that's why I've been using it a lot lately. It's pretty pigmented too, so you don't have to use a lot. If you're fair it will look beautiful on you, just make sure to use it sparingly and to blend it really well ! Here's what it looks like (left - unblended, right - blended) :

Unfortunately this blush was limited edition, but you can check Ebay if they still have it. Usually Revlon blushes retail for about $6-7 and with this one you get 3.4g , so the price is pretty reasonable! ;) Definitely check it out if you’re into cream blushes or if you have dry skin, because cream blushes are great for dry skin!

 pretty pigmented                                             the packaging is pretty big and bulky

 easy to blend                                                     

 lasts well on the skin

 nice, creamy texture

 pretty reasonable price

 comes with a mirror

 sturdy packaging

 nice design on the front side of the packaging (mine is LE)

 almost no scent

Do you own this blush? What's your favorite cream blush? ;)

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