QOTW 20 : Do you wear makeup everyday?

There are people who won't go out even for 5 minutes without makeup on and there are others who don't mind at all. I currently don't work, but even when I worked I didn't wear makeup everyday. I'm not a morning person, so the last thing I have in my mind in the morning is makeup lol! Sometimes I would put on makeup after work if I was going out and definitely if I was going out on Saturday night. I don't like going out with my pimples/redness showing through, so I usually wear at least some concealer, but there are times when I'm super sleepy/in a terrible hurry, so I go out with no makeup on and I scare people, especially children! :P

So, do you wear makeup everyday and why? :) If you don't leave the house with no makeup on, then what's the least amount of makeup you need to have?