First Impressions : Bio Oil

Some of you asked me about Bio Oil after seeing it in my January favorites, so I thought I should write a First Impressions on it. In order to see any major results on scars you have to be using it twice daily for at least 3 months and to be honest with you I don't think I want to do this. After all my skin isn't that bad! :) Maybe someday I'll do it, but for now I have another use for Bio Oil. Wanna know which one?

As some of you may know my face is oily, but the skin around my mouth (a little bit on the chin as well) and on the sides of my nose is dry, red and flaky, especially now that it's cold and with all the sudden weather changes. Everytime I wash my face that part of my skin feels really tight and it bothers me a lot, so I've been applying Bio Oil on it and massaging it 'til it gets absorbed and it does a really good job without making my skin oily or clogging my pores. I've also applied it on my whole face some nights before bed and I woke up with hydrated and soft skin. Oh and it also helped me a couple of times with some huge, red pimples I had, I think it made them go away much faster! ;) I will keep using it, so that I can review it, but so far I really like it! ;)

Have you tried it? What do you use it/would you use it for? ;)

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