Some false eyelashes I received from Kkcenterhk, I need your help :)

I was recently contacted by Maggie from Kkcenterhk, which is a website that sells false eyelashes, wigs, makeup etc. , and she kindly asked me if I was interested in reviewing some false eyelashes for them. I was really excited and of course I said yes! I received the lashes during the holidays, but I haven't had a chance to play around with them yet.

They're from the brand ES and Maggie let me choose the ones I wanted, so here's what I choose, she added 2 extra pairs as well ! :)

They look so pretty! :) And yes, you get 10 pairs of eyelashes for $5.40! ;) Anyway, since I've never tried false eyelashes before, do you have any tips for me? And which glue do you use? I know most of you will answer "Duo Lash Adhesive", but where can I get this in Greece? Do we have any good alternative to this? 

Thank you all so much in advance and stay tuned for the review, which will come soon! ;)

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