My nail polishes : BarryM Mushroom and Bright Purple

Hi again! :) Here's another part of my nail polish collection and this time it's about 2 beautiful Barry M nail polishes. I had to cut my nails short, because a few of them broke, so I can't paint my nails now, but I can't wait to try these 2 nail polishes. Here they are :)

Barry M Mushroom
Barry M Bright Purple

Both swatches are with no base coat or top coat and with 2 coats of nail polish each. As you can see both nail polishes are pretty pigmented, you can definitely get away with one coat, but the second coat adds more intensity. Both nail polishes have a creamy finish, which is my favorite finish. Do you own any of those beautiful colors? Which are your favorite muddy grey/brown nail polishes? I'd love to know, as I'm getting more into these nail polishes now! I thought they wouldn't look good on me, but in fact they do :)

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