2 Holidays Gifts from 2 lovely girls :)

I recently received 2 holidays gifts from 2 amazing ladies, one is Priscilla from Texas (USA) and the other one is Cel from the beautiful city of Thessaloniki (GREECE) ! Thank you both soooo much, you definitely made me feel loved! Here's what each girl sent me, starting with Priscilla :

Sinful Colors Wild About Color 5-piece nail polish set
Hard Candy Face Facts set

Yippeeee!!! Thank you so much Priscilla, I've never tried anything from Sinful Colors or Hard Candy and I've heard so many good things about them! :D Let's move on to Cel, apart from the gift she also asked me if she could send me something from her Etsy shop for review and of course I said yes! Here's what she sent me :

Claire's Mood Nail Polish in Fabulous/Funky
Some nail stickers (so cute!)
A Japanese (?) Aloe Face Mask
The cutest Hello Kitty ring ever and the key chain are for review purposes

Thank you so much my sweet Cel, you know Essense isn't so easy to find here and I really enjoy nail stickers! I have a couple of face masks to use up first and then I'll try the aloe one you sent me, I've heard great things about Japanese skincare, which has become very popular in the last 2 years. Oh and I haven't been so much out lately due to my stupid cold, but I've been wearing your Hello Kitty ring a LOT inside the house haha, it's so cute!! :D Yep, I'm wearing it now as well ♥

Did you receive anything special/cute during the holidays? :)

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