Surprise from Elf :)

Last Friday I was getting ready to go to the post office and before doing that I checked the mailbox and I found a notification from the post office, bingo! So, I went to the post office and the notification was about an Elf parcel. I was surprised, because I hadn't ordered anything from Elf. Well, it was actually a surprise parcel from the lovely Elves! Here's what they sent me :

Makeup Mist & Set Spray
Nail Polish in Glitter Glam
Minty Lip Gloss in Houston
Party Eyeshadow Palette
32 piece Eyeshadow Palette

Everything looks lovely and I'm really excited to try them, especially the Makeup Mist & Set Spray! And that shimmery nail polish will be perfect for the holidays :) Thank you so much dear Elf, you really made my day! :) 

Do you own any of those products? What do you think of them? :) If not, which ones would you like to try?

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