Review : The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter

Long time no review, so let me do one. This time I'll review The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter, which I got free with Marie Claire in their October issue. I just noticed that Marie Claire has been spoiling us with great gifts lately, good job!! :)

We'll start with the packaging as always! This cream comes in a cute brown jar that holds 200ml of product. The cap is brown as well and there's a big sticker on it with the name of the product and 2 juicy pieces of coconut. Although the jar is cute, it would be much more hygienic if this cream came in a tube, because you wouldn't have to dip your fingers in the product. Here's what the packaging looks like :

On to the actual product now! ;) This cream is quite thick , which is nice, because it's pretty cold now where I live and I need creams with thicker consistency! This body cream is for normal to dry skin, but I'm pretty sure that people with really dry skin will like this as well, as I mostly use it on my (usually) cracked and very dry hands before I go to bed, I put on a pair of cotton gloves and I wake up with baby soft hands! :) I also use it on my dry legs and it works very well! Since this is a thick cream, you don't need a lot, so if you apply a relatively small amount it will get absorbed pretty quickly into the skin. The scent of this cream is amazing, it smells like coconut obviously. I love coconut scented products, because they remind me of summer! Here's what the cream looks like :

Like I said at the beginning of this post I got this body cream free with Marie Claire, but I think it retails for 14 or 16Euros and you get 200ml of product. You don't need to use a lot, so it will last you quite some time, but I still think it's pretty pricey. I would definitely buy it on discount or off Ebay though! ;) I think the lovely Evi mentioned that The Body Shop in Greece has a 25% off sale during the winter sales! ;)

 nice scent
 it absorbs into your skin quite quickly
 simple and cute packaging (at least I like it)
 not greasy
 pleasant texture

 quite pricey
 you have to dip your fingers in the product

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