Korres goodies from Greek Marie Claire :)

I bet you remember my recent post about Greek Marie Claire giving away awesome Korres products with their December issue. I hope you were able to find the combination that you wanted, I went a little crazy and bought three different sets lol ! Here's what I got :

1st set : Soft Eyeliner Pencil in Light Blue and Abyssinia Oil Mascara in Brown
2nd set : Lipliner Pencil in Neutral Dark and Mango Butter Lipstick in 45 Coral
3rd set : Eyeliner Pencil in Green White and Sunflower & Evening Primrose Eyeshadow in 66 Pink

I'm really excited about the mascara (I've tried it before, just not in brown), the lipliner and the eyeshadow! I'm not so sure about the 2 eyeliners, I haven't tried them, but they look too pastel for my taste. As for the lipstick it's a bright coral, which will be perfect for summer! :) Did you manage to find any of the sets? If so, which one? :)

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