QOTW 7 : How often do you wash and moisturize your face?

 ( I think this is my favorite kitty out of the 3-4 I use for the Question of the Week <3 )

Dermatologists say that especially people with oily skin should wash their face twice a day. I have oily skin, but at the same time it's sensitive too and dry around my mouth and on the sides of my nose, so whenever I wash my face twice a day it gets dry and flaky and red! :/ Not very good. So, I wash my face once a day and whenever I get oily during the day I either splash my face with some water and then towel dry it or I spritz my face with some rosewater and then pat it dry with a cotton pad. That way my skin doesn't get so irritated.

As for moisturizer, I apply it once a day too. I never apply moisturizer at night, because whenever I do I wake up even more oily than I do without moisturizer. Plus I want to let my skin breathe, without any creams and chemicals on it.

So, what about you? How often do you wash and moisturize your face? And what's your skintype? :)

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