Do you dislike foundation bottles with no pump?

Well, I do! Foundation bottles that come with no pump are a nightmare. You always pour out too much, so you waste product, and it can be messy too. As you know I hate wasting things and I'm clumsy too (lol), so I searched for a solution and I found it! The foundation I currently use is Revlon Colorstay and for those of you, who don't know what the bottle looks like, here it is :

Yikes, can you see all the mess inside the cap?

Wanna see the solution to all this mess and product waste?

This is called Frosted Airless Pump Bottle and it can hold up to 30ml (1 oz) of product, so it's great for foundations, as most foundations are 30ml (1 oz) . The pump works great and you can pump out as much as you want, even a small dot of foundation to conceal some spots. But do you know what's the coolest thing about this bottle? The bottom of it moves up whenever you use some product, so you won't have any wasted product that gets stuck on the sides of the bottle. Nice, huh? ;) I also took the sticker off my Revlon bottle and put it on my pump bottle, it looks better that way, plus you know exactly what's in the bottle.

I love these bottles, they come in a set of 2 for around $14/10Euros (including shipping to Greece) from ebay, so they're kinda pricey. However they're worth every single penny/cent in my opinion, because you don't waste any product at all, you don't get foundation everywhere and once you're done with the product you can wash the bottles and use them again! Plus they're airless, which means that your product inside doesn't come in touch with the air, so it won't go bad so quickly. I got mine from this seller , but of course you can choose any seller you want, and I chose the Frosted version, because it's see-through and I can see exactly how much product I have left. Try them out if you want, I'm sure you won't regret it! ;)

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