TAG : What's in my purse!

I've been tagged by the lovely Beauty Editor to show you my purse and what's in it! So, are you ready? ;)

This is my bag (one of the many I own lol) :

And here's what's in it :

  • Wallet : It's a Guess wallet, gift from my future mother-in-law and sister-in-law from their trip to Dubai ! :)
  • Keys (house and car) : Not pictured here! :)
  • Sunglasses : These sunglasses are Prada and they're for myopy as well, so I love them to death, because now I can drive without blinking all the time and I'm able to see what's in front of me even if the sun hits me directly on the face!
  • Sunglasses' Case : I love this case, it's so luxurious and soft to the touch! :)
  • Nail File : I always have a nail file with me, because my nails tend to break from time to time!
  • Hand Cream (Oriflame) : My hands are extremely dry, so I always carry a hand cream with me! I sometimes use it on my elbows too! :)
  • Physicians Formula Healthy Wear SPF50 Bronzer in Fair : I hate cream sunscreen, so I always carry this with me! It has SPF50 and it's a powder, so it's great for my oily skin! ;)
  • Korres Retractable Powder Brush : I use this to apply the Physicians Formula Bronzer! It's nice and soft! :)
  • Hair Brush : I NEVER go out without a hair brush!!! My hair gets tangled really easily, so I NEED to have a hair brush with me!!
  • Hair Clips : I have side swept bangs, so I need to have little hair clips with me, because I usually don't like any hairs touching my face!
  • Double Mirror (Elf) : Although the Physicians Formula Bronzer compact has a mirror, I still carry this Elf mirror with me in case I forget to bring the Physicians Formula Bronzer with me! :)
  • Pen : I love this fat pen! :) I always carry a pen with me and lately this one has been my favorite! :)
  • Tissues : I always carry a pack of tissues with me, you never know when you'll need one!
  • Canderel : This is instead of sugar, so I carry it with me in case I go to a house and they only have sugar! :)
  • Shine Erasers (Elf) : Handbag essential, especially for me that I have oily skin!! :)
  • Wet Wipes (Hankies) : They're antibacterial and they smell great! :)
  • Mobile phone case : I don't want my mobile phone to get scratched! :)
  • Mobile phone : Not pictured here! :)
  • If I'm wearing makeup that day I'll also carry the lipstick/lipgloss and the eyeliner pencil I'm wearing that day! :)

Yes, I'm well aware of the fact that the thing on the right side of my bag looks like a small whip!!! LOOOL!! Anyway! What's in your bag?? I tag everybody!! Do it on your blog or do it in the comments too! ;)

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  1. wraia tsanta!! k to mati moy epese kateftheian sto portofoli! fovero!!

  2. Hehe s'euxaristw! :) Ap'to Fullah Sugah Skondras einai! ;) Ax k mena m'aresei poli to portofoli! :)