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I can't believe I haven't reviewed Elf Large Brush Holder all this time!! I actually own two of these, so this shows how much I love this product!It's a great way to organize your brushes!

Elf Large Brush Holder is basically a quite big brush holder with 3 compartments to put your brushes in! I checked Elf's website, but they don't say the material used to make this product! No worries though, because this brush holder definitely doesn't feel or look cheap! It's soft to the touch, kinda like Studio Line compacts! It doesn't get dirty easily and you also don't see any fingerprints on it, which is awesome! Here's what it looks like (the turqoise beads you can see in the brush holder were not included of course, they're something I added just for fun - click on the pictures for larger view) :

You can organize your brushes by the area of the face you use them on! For example you could put in the first compartment eye brushes, in the second compartment powder, bronzer and blush brushes (brushes for powder products) and in the third compartment foundation and concealer brushes (brushes for cream/liquid products) ! ;) You can also use this brush holder to organize your eyeliners and your mascaras! ;) 

So, how do you clean this if it gets dirty? Well you can use a wet soft cloth to clean this brush holder and if this doesn't remove the dirt, you can use a wet wipe! Nice and simple!

Elf Large Brush Holder measures 9"L x 3"W x 4"H, so it can give home to quite many brushes and it retails for £12.00! It sounds like a lot of money for a brush holder, but it feels so nice and it looks so professional that it's definitely worth the money! Plus you can join Elf's Fan Page on Facebook and take advantage of their frequent offers! ;) You can buy this brush holder here ! :)

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